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How FitTech Works

For the past decade, Volumental has been leading the transformation of the retail industry by providing personalised recommendation for footwear. FitTech® is the term that was coined to capture the unique combination of AI and 3D scanning that powers the technology company's revolution of the retail sector. 

The project helped retailers better understand the value and application of the FitTech ecosystem.


Art Direction





In this Campaign I oversaw the holistic work in photo and video shoots as well as finding the locations.

I led the project from start to finish, collaborating closely with the production team to ensure that the final outcome had a consistent visual style.

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Website Design

The final video eventually became the hero of the Volumental website, and featured prominently across the firm's entire marketing channels.

Screenshot 2023-10-10 at 23.13.18.png

Behind the scenes

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